Operating Chainsaws Properly During Post-Storm Cleanup

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In the aftermath of severe weather, many communities are in need of clean up. At these times, homeowners and professionals alike reach for labor saving tools – and often that includes a chainsaw. “Cleaning up after a storm is one situation when a chainsaw is often in the hands of an inexperienced operator due to necessity,” said Ian Hay, Product Manager for Husqvarna. “Especially in those extreme conditions, it’s crucial for anyone operating a saw to carefully review the owner’s manual and follow all recommended guidelines.” Post-storm...

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Things to keep in mind when you buy a zero-turn mower

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A zero-turn mower lets you cut so close around corners that you reduce the need to trim. Here are a few tips on what to think about when you are looking to buy a new zero-turn trimmer. The zero-turn mower design with its high capacity and swift manoeuvrability originates from typical commercial use. Our zero-turn mowers for landowners are engineered alongside our commercial models. This means they can handle heavy-duty mowing tasks on large areas efficiently, quickly and easily. Are you a professional or homeowner? When deciding on a new...

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Chainsaw Safety – Protecting you and your equipment

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With winter fast approaching and outdoor clean up begins, homeowners often reach for a chainsaw to make light work of winter tasks. But before you reach for your chainsaw this season, be sure you have the right accessories to protect you and your equipment. “Whether it’s cleaning up after a storm, performing tree maintenance or cutting firewood, during the winter season a chainsaw may be in the hands of an inexperienced operator,” says Mike Enderby, Husqvarna Product Manager – Handheld. “It is crucial for anyone operating a chainsaw to...

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Five things to consider when buying a ride-on lawn mower

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How big is my lawn? Do I have a lot of trees, bushes and obstacles in my garden? Is my garden flat or sloping? Do I want to collect the grass clippings? How much money do I want to spend? There are lots of questions when it comes time to choose a lawnmower, particularly if you decide to invest in a ride-on mower. Here we guide you through some of the ride-on mower types on the market to find what will suit your needs. If your garden is bigger than 1000 m² you might consider buying a ride-on lawnmower. You will save time, your mowing will...

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10 Top Tips For Looking After Your Mower, Chainsaw, Leaf Blower or Trimmer.

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There is much you can do to save yourself a trip to the mower shop because your mower, Leaf blower, trimmer or chainsaw will not start. Fuel Stale fuel is the biggest killer of small engines. Both 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines need fresh fuel to start and run reliably. So leaving the engine sitting in the garage or shed for weeks or months with fuel in the tank and carburettor will only end in tears of frustration as you try to start the equipment. The volatile components of the fuel evaporate over time leaving a sticky residue which can...

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