Five things to consider when buying a ride-on lawn mower

By on 18, Feb, 2016 in Ride-On-Mowers |

  • How big is my lawn?
  • Do I have a lot of trees, bushes and obstacles in my garden?
  • Is my garden flat or sloping?
  • Do I want to collect the grass clippings?
  • How much money do I want to spend?

There are lots of questions when it comes time to choose a lawnmower, particularly if you decide to invest in a ride-on mower. Here we guide you through some of the ride-on mower types on the market to find what will suit your needs.

If your garden is bigger than 1000 m² you might consider buying a ride-on lawnmower. You will save time, your mowing will become more efficient and your lawn condition will reflect the many added benefits a ride-on mower can offer. There are three types of ride-on lawnmowers:

One of the differences between a tractor and a Rider is that the tractor has its cutting deck right under the machine, while the Rider has a front-mounted cutting deck. This means that if there are a lot of bushes and obstacles in the garden, the Rider is preferable thanks to the added accessibility with the position of its cutting deck on the front. A Rider is designed with an articulated steering principle, which makes the machine extremely manoeuvrable in the garden and fun to drive. On a lawn tractor the engine is placed in front of the driver, while on a Rider or a Zero-turn mower it’s placed behind the driver, effectively reducing the amount of exhaust emissions the operator is exposed to.

For larger, more open areas, a lawn tractor functions just as well as a Rider or Zero-turn mower. For a homeowner, a tractor is a price competitive solution for mowing the lawn. A lawn tractor also offers the possibility to collect grass, which gives a tidy finish to the lawn, free from grass clippings.

If you’re using a walk-behind mower today and have a somewhat smaller garden which includes narrow passages, you might consider buying a tractor from the new compact garden tractor range. With a cutting width of 77 cm and all the ergonomic features and advantages of a larger-sized tractor, these machines make sure you will save time mowing.

The lever-steered Zero Turn originally came from the USA, where they went from being a professional product to being very popular among consumers who also wanted to use Zero turn-machines in domestic settings. A Zero Turn mower is best used in large, open spaces and is characterised by having a turning radius of 360 degrees. It can be driven at a faster speed which gives high productivity when cutting larger areas and collectors are available as option.

Key Ride-On Lawnmower Considerations

  • Lawn size – If you have a large, open grass surface, choose a machine with a cutting width of at least one metre. On the other hand, a large lawn with numerous trees and bushes requires a small cutting width so that you can move around, even when space is restricted.
  • Type of lawn – Every lawn is unique. Is your lawn a flat square ideal for ball games, or a well decorated surface filled with urns and flower beds? Do you have many slopes were you need to cut grass? A complex area requires a ride on mower with small turning circle, and a hilly garden is easiest to cut with an all-wheel drive mower. The all-wheel-drive function, on selected Husqvarna Riders, automatically adjusts the traction on all wheels depending on the situation at hand, making them an ideal choice for sloping lawns.
  • Collect or eject grass? – Side ejection provides better distribution of the grass cuttings than rear ejection, which leaves a line of grass behind, but on the other hand gives better manoeuvrability.

BioClip®, or a mulching function, finely cuts the grass into small clippings which provides a neat and tidy result compared to side/rear ejection, while also adding nourishment and water back to the lawn. BioClip® is also efficient for mulching leaves in the autumn.

Collecting the grass prevents weeds from spreading and gives a clean and tidy look. It requires the collected grass to be composted or removed. Collection is a good idea if you want to decrease allergic reactions to grass or collect leaves in your garden when the autumn comes.

Regardless of whether your ride-on mower is a lawn tractor or a Rider, it can be equipped with a number of different accessories depending on seasonal requirements and become a year-round machine.