Trimmers and Brushcutters

Ellenbrook Mowers stock both Line Trimmers and Brush Cutters and some models can actually operate as either a line trimmer or a brush cutter.

Line trimmers are light and easy to operate and are ideal for trimming around the lawn edges and for trimming small areas of lawn, around trees, posts and walls. There are two styles of trimmer, the Bent Shaft Trimmer which is very light and designed for trimming and light cutting only. And the Straight Shaft Trimmer which, while light and easy to use, is stronger in design and can normally handle light brush cutting with a blade as well as trimming with line.

For heavy duty and professional cutting and trimming a Brush Cutter is the way to go. The Brush Cutter will generally come with a larger more powerful engine, full harness and both trimmer head and blade so that you can tackle a wide range of clearing and trimming work.


TrimmerHusqvarna Trimmers:

Trimmers with power, durability and versatility for homeowners who want to keep their gardens in shape. Their low weight makes these machines extremely flexible, and they are designed to deliver low noise – perfect for those living in residential areas.

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BrushcutterHusqvarna Brush Cutters:

Designed to the same standards as professional brushcutters, they are built to do the job more efficiently, with less effort and in as short a time as possible. All models are lightweight, strong and well-balanced, and come with many practical functions.

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Forrestry Clearing SawHusqvarna Forestry Clearing Saws:

Strong, Fast Efficient Forestry Clearing Saws.

Powerful and well-balanced clearing saws created to handle tough, long and demanding forest shifts, with ease. The engine is designed to bring maximum power but with low vibrations and reduced fuel consumption.

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Buying Guide for Trimmers:

A trimmer is used to trim lawn edges where a mower can’t reach. A trimmer with a curved shaft is often used for easy trimming around lawns and flower beds. Machines with straight shafts and bevel gears are designed for more demanding jobs, and they make it easier to reach under hedges, bushes and the like. As an accessory, the straight-shaft trimmers can have a J handle which prevents the user from getting too close to the cutting equipment. When cutting with a grass blade, a J handle should always be attached. If you want a trimmer to master even more garden tasks you should consider one with detachable shaft. Besides being easy to store they truly are multi-purpose machines that can be fitted with several attachments such as hedge trimmer, blower, edger, pole saw and sweeper.

Things to keep in mind when buying a trimmer:

  • Your trimmer should be high powered and have rapid acceleration for maximum efficiency.
  • The machine should have comfortable handles.
  • The engine should be easy to start.
  • The trimmer should be as light as possible